Midwest Management Summit

Co-presenting with a great crew at Midwest Management Summit 2019!

I have been involved in the Midwest Management Summit (MMS) since it’s my first year as a speaker and I have to admit, my favorite part of the event (other than getting to know more of the attendees) is the opportunity to co-present with such a wide variety of friends and colleagues. This year, I am co-presenting with a cast of characters at MMS 2019!


Here’s a list of what sessions at Midwest Management Summit I will be involved in:

  • Robert Hedblom (The King of Sweden) and I will present on “The Road to Azure (AKA – Ditching All of Your On-Prem Crap)
    • Abstract: Are you not looking forward to continuing to support your on-prem servers for tasks which just keep the lights on (like patching, monitoring, disaster recovery, automation, dashboarding)? The road could be winding but in this session, we will make your path straight by pointing to workloads that really do belong in the cloud – not by lift and shifting existing workloads to the cloud. Without a plan, you plan to fail. Without a roadmap (or GPS nowadays) prepare to be lost. During this session, you will witness real-world examples of customers who have successfully changed their business through migration to Azure and ditched their on-prem crap.
  • Brian Wren (MPAuthor or Guinness Snob) and I will team up on “Advanced KQL Queries
    • Abstract: Time to take off the training wheels and see what you can really do with Log Analytics. We’re going to move way beyond basic queries and look at advanced commands and query strategies for solving some of your more complex analysis requirements.
  • Dieter Wijckmans (The human selfie-stick) will talk about the world of cloud-based monitoring in “Lets Monitor Your Environment the Azure Way. Azure Monitor You Say ?
    • Abstract: A lot changed over the years in the Microsoft monitoring landscape. One thing did not: Monitoring is still key to make sure your operations stay running smoothly. Join this session to find out how you can easily leverage the new possibilities of Azure Monitor to create insights in your environment. Combined with Log Analytics, Action groups, Azure Alerts, Azure Automation the monitoring and remediation scenarios are virtually endless. A not to miss session if you want to increase your monitoring in the Azure space and beyond.
  • And for a first time, I am teaming up with Eamon O’Reilly from the Azure Functions team (and formerly from the Azure Automation team) to discuss “Automation Capabilities in Azure
    • Abstract: Azure has a number of services that make it easier for you to deploy, configure, and operate the infrastructure and applications developed on Azure. In this session, we will cover Azure Resource Manager, Azure Automation, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure blueprints, and Azure Devops and how these enable you to manage your Azure environment from a management group, down to a specific resource. The session will talk about the key benefits of each service and how these can work together to ensure best practices are delivered within the organization while simplifying operational compliance and tasks. Learn best practices around declarative automation with ARM templates and DSC configurations as well as imperative automation using PowerShell in Automation & Functions. If you need to set compliance or integrate into other management systems you have in Azure or on-premises, learn how Logic Apps, hybrid workers and blueprints can enable these scenarios. As more and more services are migrated or built on Azure, it becomes critical to understand the tools available for IT to successfully deploy and operate these workloads. Come learn about the new capabilities and scenarios that are available with the latest Azure automation technologies and how you can bring your existing knowledge and processes forward.

Additionally, I have the chance to harken back to my System Center Universe (SCU) days and function as a co-emcee for two sessions:

  • Donnie Taylor (the automation alpha-geek) and I will team up to emcee the “Datacenter Management State of the Union” discussion
    • Abstract: Over the past year Cloud and data center management (CDM) Microsoft technology has and continues to transform at a very fast rate. It can be hard to keep up and it is key to know where Microsoft is headed in the CDM space. This session is all about the community viewpoint on CDM and insights from key Microsoft CDM product group folks. Join Microsoft MVP’s, product group folks, and community friends in this CDM state of the union session.
    • Abstract: You know that hard to answer the question that you came to MMS with and still haven’t answered? Haven’t been able to find one of those Microsoft SME’s? Or maybe you just like beer? If so, this is your session!

While there are probably a half a dozen to a dozen other presenters that I would also like to work with this year – the list above is a great one that I’m really looking forward to!


If you are going to MMS you should sign up for these sessions – for all of them we can guarantee some good information and a few laughs.

NOTE: For those not attending MMS – sessions at MMS are not recorded and not available online. So, after Midwest Management Summit if you want to see one of the sessions let me know via my blog and maybe myself and the other presenter can re-team up for a webinar or something if enough people are interested!

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