9 Cloud Must-Haves for Public Sector

When it comes to selecting an ideal cloud provider for your government agency, there’s a lot more than personal preference at stake. Your cloud platform’s ability to help meet airtight compliance and security standards can mean the difference between “mission accomplished” and utter chaos.

Microsoft says it best: “Not all clouds are created equal.” They’ve also compiled all the key factors for agencies to consider when choosing a cloud vendor.

Review Microsoft’s Gov Cloud checklist and click on each topic to get the facts:

1. Compliance: non-negotiable
2. CJIS: Make sure your provider would pass an FBI audit
3. IRS 1075 guidance and ITAR obligations
4. Natural disasters and terrorism: is your data in hardened data centers?
5. Does your data reside exclusively with other screened workloads?
6. Don’t overlook document retention and e-discovery
7. Find a provider with a record for addressing security
8. Does your provider offer hybrid flexibility?
9. Migration must-have: open-source integration

Navigating the dense jungle of security and compliance requirements in public sector can be overwhelming, so we hope this checklist helps give peace of mind that your agency is protected legally, socially, and financially. Already one of the six million using Microsoft Gov Cloud? Then you can safely assume your organization is covered on all nine counts. Learn more here.

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