Travis Lingenfelder
Travis is a Senior Lead Consultant for Catapult Systems and blogs about Microsoft technologies including SharePoint, but is passionate about all things relating to technology. Travis is a MCTS for SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010, application development and configuration.
Sep 152009
Today I wanted to edit a previously created PowerShell script.  This is the first time I had done this since switching to Windows 7 so I was really surprised when I right-clicked the .ps1 file and selected Edit.  What I was expecting was for the s ...[Read more]

Jul 312009
While working on a project I recently created a web part where I could specify a set of criteria and it would display hyperlinks to all site collections that matched.  The nice thing about this web part is that you get a list of site collections t ...[Read more]

Jun 262009
Not all classes in the SharePoint API are CLS-compliant types.  While using a language like C#.NET it does not matter since the .NET framework knows how to work with these classes.  Working in PowerShell is a completely different story.  PowerShe ...[Read more]

Feb 272009
PowerShell script that will move the SharePoint log files and set the retention of the log files. To run this script you will need to set the PowerShell execution policy using the following PowerShell command: set-executionpolicy Unrestricted ...[Read more]

Feb 272009
When developing scripts (and almost anything else) I prefer to hard-code any settings thay may need to be changed later.  One method that I employ while writing PowerShell scripts is the use of a settings.ini file.  In this file I can place any co ...[Read more]