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WSS and MOSS Install – Additional Configuration Tips and Tricks

When installing WSS or MOSS the setup program and the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard will complete most install operations for you, but there are several things that should also be completed that the wizard will not do and is also not included in the Microsoft documentation.  This post will outline some additional configuration tasks that should always be completed when configuring your SharePoint farm. 1 – Turn Off User Account Control There are a few issues that I have run into with UAC turned on for a SharePoint server.  An example is t...

Submit InfoPath Forms to a Form Library With Auto Generated Filename

Using the default behavior of forms services to save to a document library, the user who is filling out the form would need to click the Save or Save As… button on the InfoPath toolbar and give the file a name.  I’m going to show how to auto generate a file name and provide a form button that will save the form.  This will also work when the form has been re-opened for modification and saved back to the same file. Step 1 – Create a Data Source Field The first thing that you will do is create a field