#Office365 May International User Group Meeting Recap

This month’s meeting went very well if I do say myself. Darrell Webster (@DarrellCWebster) kicked things off with showing off Office Mix and OneNote for Teachers. Office Mix is an add-on and online service for PowerPoint, very cool things that elevate PowerPoint to an interactive and training tool. OneNote for Teachers is a SharePoint App that can be added to a SharePoint Site to setup an OneNote Notebook for a teacher to interact with his/her students. Both of these are very cool, and easier to see than to explain, check out the recording of the meeting for much more info.

Darrell made a few mistakes setting up his Office Mix questions, which he discovered afterwards.

  • The browser question requires multiple answers. i.e. Choose all that apply. So if you choose IE10 only, you get the question wrong. You need to choose all browsers that apply.
  • If you don’t set an answer to your question, Mix will default to the first answer being the correct answer. There were a couple of slides such as "Can Students see each other’s notebooks," where I hadn’t set an answer. It defaulted to True.

Here are some links that Darrell provided: – Darrell’s contact details – Todays presentation, the Office Mix and video for OneNote

I then followed up Darrell’s presentation with a rundown of recent new features and enhancements to Office 365. View the recording or checkout my previous blog posts to find out about the changes I highlighted.

One thing I forgot to mention during the meeting it the announcement about the SharePoint 2014 connect Press Release. I am working with the conference manager to get a code for the Office 365 IUG Members to get a discount on the registration, keep your eyes on for information about the discount.

Yes, I did remember to record the meeting, here is the May Meeting recording Link

Here are some additional important Links: – IUG Home Site – Office 365 Technical Yammer Network – Office 365 FM Podcast Home – The IUG Yammer Network – The Office Mix Home – Simplified Admin -Change to Office 365 feature rollout and disclosure process – DLP for SharePoint Announcement

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