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Sean is a managing consultant and Office 365 technical evangelist for Catapult Systems and blogs about Office 365, Active Directory and unified messaging (Exchange and Lync). He holds Microsoft certifications in server and enterprise messaging administration, SCVMM, Windows Server virtualization and configuration.

Office 365 SkyDrive Pro App Released for IOS and Windows 8    

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Yesterday Microsoft announced they have released a Windows 8 Store App and IOS app for SkyDrive Pro. While this is not earth shattering news for Windows 8 Pro users who have had the ability to sync with SkyDrive Pro with the Office 2013 install which includes the SkyDrive Pro desktop app, it is big news for Windows 8 RT users. Now on RT can a user sync documents from their SkyDrive Pro location, either on-premises SharePoint or SharePoint Online, and have these files available offline!

I don't have any Fruit products, Apple devicesJ, so I cannot test the IOS version of the SkyDrive Pro app.

Posted by  Sean McNeill  on  6/28/2013
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