May Office 365 International User Group Meeting Recap

Today, May 28th, we had the Office 365 International User Group Meeting. Brett Hill (@brettHill) gave a great presentation on Riverbed’s Steelhead Cloud Acceleration solution. His presentation was very imformative and showed how the Steelhead solution could greatly optimize traffic from a company location to Office 365. Some very cool technology was presented and resulted in a great question and answer session throughout the presentation. A HUGE bonus was that for the attendees of the meeting, we got to see something that had not been presented ever, and I am honoring Brett’s request not to blog about it! But you all will find about this great new technology in press releases and at TechEd 2013 next week!

Brett provided the below links to me to use in this recap:

I encourage you to check out this solution if you, your company or one of your customers is looking to optimize data transfer with Office 365. This is a great solution especially for companies that do not have the best bandwidth available to the internet from their datacenter/office location and for whatever reason increased bandwidth is not available.

Our resident software guru, Loryan Strant (@thecloudmouth), presented the Lync Contact Migrator and Lync Contact Migrator for Enterprise applications developed by his Xstran Company. These tool solve a very big issue when a company migrates from on-premises Lync (or OCS 2007) to Lync Online. The tool enables the ability to migrate a user’s existing Lync Contacts from one system to another.

The meeting then proceeded to our open discussion time. We talked about using Office 2013 in an RDP/Citrix environment and also some other topics. It is always great to see when a topic or question is brought up by the attendees, the level of involvement by the other attendees providing valuable links, answers and general guidance. This is the real value of the IUG to me, people helping people!

At the end of the meeting we talked about growing the membership, and this involves you! Please help us grow this great group by passing along our website to all those you think will benefit from the great content and discussions that happen during the meetings. Also I am always looking from presenters, please if you would like to present on anything Office 365 related, shoot me an email or reach out via twitter.

I am going to be working with the other founders and MVPs to ensure we make this IUG a top notch experience and meeting! Please let me know your thoughts on what other information and topics you would like to see included in the meetings. This IUG is for you, and the MVPs and I will strive to ensure you get the most relevant and timely information each and every meeting!

And one last thing, thankfully, and with a big THANKS to Martina Grom (@Magrom) for reminding me, here is the recording of the May meeting,

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