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Sean is a managing consultant and Office 365 technical evangelist for Catapult Systems and blogs about Office 365, Active Directory and unified messaging (Exchange and Lync). He holds Microsoft certifications in server and enterprise messaging administration, SCVMM, Windows Server virtualization and configuration.

May Office 365 International User Group Meeting Scheduled   

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The May meeting of the Office 365 International User group is scheduled for May 28th! Brett Hill will be doing a presentation on Riverbed's Cloud Accelerator Product.


Hope you can join the meeting! Please also pass this along to anyone you think would benefit from the meeting.

Posted by  Sean McNeill  on  5/7/2013
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Myrian  commented on  Tuesday, July 15, 2014  1:01 PM 
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Yelena  commented on  Tuesday, July 22, 2014  6:27 AM 
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