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Sean is a managing consultant and Office 365 technical evangelist for Catapult Systems and blogs about Office 365, Active Directory and unified messaging (Exchange and Lync). He holds Microsoft certifications in server and enterprise messaging administration, SCVMM, Windows Server virtualization and configuration.

Mobile Office 365 Management App   

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Loryan Strant (@thecloudmouth) A Office 365 MVP and all around great guy, has developed a Mobile App for Office 365 Administration. I have been using this to administer my Office 365 environment and really like it. This is V1 of the app and currently can only administer Online Only Accounts but Loryan is working on the next version that can handle Federated users. Loryan is also working on integrating the RSS feeds for Office 365 service status into a live tile! Right now this App is perfect for any small business Office 365 customer, it allows you to reset passwords on the fly and also update user attributes. You can also add new online users from the mobile app!

Right now the App is available on Windows Phone 7, in my opinion, the best mobile platform; and is coming to Android soon. Loryan is also working on a version for Microsoft Partners that will, to my knowledge, allow the partner to administer Office 365 environments that they have been granted delegated administration! This will be huge for a Microsoft partner like me; the ability to help out a customer from anywhere is the best type of support and will keep the client-partnership relationship strong. I hope you will take a deep look at this great app and use it to help you and your company with Office 365 Administration.

This is a great example of a MVP giving back to the community, this is something we should all support and encourage. Loryan's efforts show that the Office 365 environment is a living thing, and with his and numerous others the environment is alive and kicking! Please help in passing the word about this great app and the contributions of a great MVP like Loryan!

Here is the link to the Xstran page for the application,

Posted by  Sean McNeill  on  3/13/2012
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