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BI Conference 2010: PowerPivot

I have attended a couple of PowerPivot sessions at this conference 1) because it’s so damn cool and 2) very practically, it is one of the only real new product releases prior to this conference (yes , SQL 2008 R2 is out, and SSRS enhancements are nice and MDS is, well, we can cover that later….).

The sessions that I attended were all very well thought out, the speakers were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable – thought there were a couple I couldn’t get into (unfortunately, an all to common problem at this BI conference).

The big value for me out of these PowerPivot sessions were some of the links and resources that I gleaned out of the presentations, shared here:

Also, for any Twitter late bloomers out there like me, utilize TweetDeck to follow keep up with PowerPivot conversations using the #PowerPivot hashtag – it is a great way to find all the knowledgeable people out there working with, developing and using PowerPivot.

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