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Installing SSRS for SharePoint, the fun way

I figured the search engines would do a good job of delivering the answers to these questions, but as I have seen this theme reoccur many times over the past few weeks in the MSDN forums, I am going to write out the steps for everyone (if nothing else, at least I’ll just be pasting a link to this versus copying the steps all over again in forum responses).

For many people installing the SSRS plug in for SharePoint/WSS (both SSRS 2005, but more likely 2008), you can get these annoying errors (this error can be found in Root:\Users\YourLogin\AppData\Local\Temp and will be prefixed with RS_SP):

For some of you, this error may become a common nuisance when installing the SSRS plug in for MOSS/WSS 3.0 for both SSRS 2005 and 2008:

******* User does not have permission to add feature to site collection: http://<SharePoint URL here>:36076.


This can be particularly frustrating if you are logged in to the box under the farm admin account and have local admin privileges.

To work around this error, follow these steps:

1. Double check that you have a site collection set up on the farm, not just the web app

2. Log into the server you are installing the Reporting Services plug in to with credentials that are the farm admin for the MOSS install

3. Run the CMD tool with Administrator privileges (also called elevated permission)

4. Navigate to where you have the sharepointrs.msi and type sharepointrs.msi SKIPCA=1

5. Navigate to your Temp% directory to find the unpacked rsCustomAction.exe file

6. In the CMD tool, execute rsCustomAction.exe /i

7. After the install, you will probably need to navigate to Central Administration > Site Actions > Site Settings and under the heading Site Collection Administration click Site Collection Features.

8. From there, click activate on Report Server Integration Feature

9. The settings for SSRS will now have their sub section on the Application Management tab in Central Admin



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