Adding PerformancePoint to multiple sites on the same SharePoint Server

Without fail, there exist many ways to resolve an issue — Mine? I have multiple WSS web applications and site collections on my machine for various purposes, several of which require the PerformancePoint web parts to be available.

For anyone having gone through a deployment of PerformancePoint Monitoring, the appreciation of the problem becomes quite plain: the site collection is declared during the initial setup and configuration – so how would you "redeploy" to another site collection on your server?

There is the fun way posted here on the PerformancePoint team blog (recommend reading).

And then there is the easy way (still read the PerformancePoint team blog post though):

  1. Open the MonitoringConfig.xml file, located at Root:\Program Files\Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server\3.0\Tools\MonitoringConfiguration in Notepad
  2. Remove the configuration line item with ID WebParts from the configuration file. Picture below:

  3. Start up the Monitoring and select Add components from the Monitoring Server Configuration Manager:

  4. On the next screen, you will have the fourth item, Dashboard Viewer for SharePoint Services un-greyed and available to select. Select this item and follow the rest of the wizard.
  5. Confirm installation by going to your selected site collection, add a web part and look for this item in the web part collection:

I highly recommend reading through the related PerformancePoint team blog as it is important to understand what changes you are affecting, and more importantly, be able to troubleshoot should anything go awry. Other than that, enjoy the easy way of adding PPS Monitoring components to any new site!

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