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Analysis Services Tools

Analysis Services Tools

Happy New Year! I know it is a bit late, but this is the first post I have been able to produce thus far, so please forgive…

After many moons, I am backing to working on Analysis Services. As such, I am dusting off old tools and references, as well as building some new ones. I will be posting more on SSAS this month (as it is easiest to keep posting on what I get to work on), but for now, the tools and references:

  1. Analysis Services Specific
    1. Script performance analyzer, basic, but it helps explode the details of the query for you
    2. Various bits and bobs posted by the user community, most notable to my needs being the Load Simulator


  2. Performance related reading material on Analysis Services
    1. SQL Server Best Practices Article: Identifying and Resolving MDX Query Performance Bottlenecks in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services
    2. SQL Customer Advisory Team blog post on SSAS performance tips (if you don’t have their site bookmarked already, do it now)
    3. TechNet post here on OLAP Design Best Practices – design is key to performance


  3. BI Tools in General:
    1. BIDS Helper: I had heard this mentioned in passing, but after a customer showed it to me recently, I had to dig into it myself to really see how cool it is. Available for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008


There are tons more on and in TechNet, but these are a few of my favorites.

Also, having burned through most of the MS Press books on Analysis Services 2005 (and not wanting to spend money yet on the 2008 glosses), I found the SAMS Publishing book, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services by Melomed, Gorbach, Berger and Bateman to be a fantastic reference, in addition to covering in depth subjects areas I have not yet mastered — highly recommended for anyone who is pretty adept at SSAS, but wants some more detail. Amazon product link below:


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