SQL Server 2005 Hotfix KB948109 fails


I have been a little lazy in getting this one resolved – however for anyone facing a similar issue in getting this hot fix to install on their SQL 2005 box, there is a simple fix.

For most people I know who have experience this issue, the error message is always the same:

" Error Number 1920, Error Description: MSP Error: 1920 Service ‘SQL Server VSS Writer’ (SQLWriter) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services."

The failure message is based on the fact that many of us do not have the VSS service enabled:

Expecting UAC in Vista to be a potential hindrance, I even tried downloading the package separately, right clicking on it and selecting "Run as Administrator", however that produces the same message, so it appears the hot fix does not try to enable the service itself, rather, it expects it to be enabled and/or running.

If you simply enable this service, the hot fix can be applied and you can then disable the service again if it is not needed.

If you’ve manually downloaded the hot fix like I do, then you’ll get:


Once you apply the hot fix, you will go to version 9.0.3068 from 9.0.3045.

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