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I recently came across a blog article titled "Is Social Media right for your business", but I think that it should have been titled, "The rules of Social Media".

In this article, they detail 6 dos and don’ts when it comes to Social Media. They are very astute observations that most organizations do not adhere to. The big one is the concept of a conversation. Social Media is meant not as a 1-way communications channel. It’s mean to facilitate a conversation and help you, as a business, shape the conversation. It can be a powerful tool if managed properly.

Here are the main points:

  1. Don’t spend all of your time promoting your business. (I would also add don’t just send links to content or job postings).
  2. Don’t try to do it all
  3. Create a conversation. Don’t create noise.
  4. Build a network based on quality, not quantity
  5. Prepare for success
  6. Understand that an investment in social media is an investment in time.
  7. Follow these simple rules and your Social Media ROI is sure to increase.

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