RBS (Remote Blob Storage) with multiple Content Databases and SQL 2012

I recently had a rough experience configuring RBS with SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2012. 

I started by trying to leverage the blog posts & TechNet articles that I was previously familiar with.  I then downloaded the RBS installer from the SQL 2012 Feature Pack instead of leveraging the one from SQL 2008 R2.  Everything worked great on the first DB.  When configuring the second DB, my world fell apart.  After a lot of troubleshooting, I found that the commands to run RBS.msi on additional databases were actually configuring new tables on the original DB (First RBS.msi install DB).  At this point I ran into a dead end and started a Microsoft Ticket.

After working with Microsoft to clean up everything I had done while troubleshooting, we started a fresh install on the environment.  Microsoft pointed me to a new blog post I had not seen before.


I noticed a few things that were different than all other blog posts I had previously reference.

  1. This posted suggested you run the RBS.msi on the SQL server directly
  2. Use the Initial Install command on both SQL and the first SharePoint server.
  3. On additional content DBs, you only need to run the command on SQL.  Do not run it on any of the SharePoint servers.

The last thing that jumped out at me while working with Microsoft, is that the tech on the phone emailed me a special RBS.msi that was not available publicly.  He assured me that the publicly available one should work, but he had assurances that this copy worked 100% of the time.  It could have been the exact same file, but I kept it in case there was some secret Sauce.

I am leaving the detail up to the reference blog post, but I hope this helps someone stop beating their head against the wall.



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