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Hi everyone.
So I am finally doing it. After YEARS of procrastination and other guys taking my work and blogging for themselves … (most have given me credit somewhere) I am finally going to start posting on my experiences deploying AppV (and SCCM/OSD) in a production environment.
I am very sensitive and not open to criticism so please refrain from all of that and only focus on the general greatness of the postings :).
Another thought about the blog:
A title –
I was thinking "confessions of a guru" but that was already taken 🙂
So if anyone has any deep insights into an insightful title for my blog (be NICE) please let me know.
Finally, a few words about me:
I LOVE working at Catapult Systems, having been the first Infrastructure hire in the Denver region. Tons of loyalty points for that move as Catapult had many great options to choose from.
Ive been doing ConfigMgr and Appv (MDOP) for the last three years and have had the great fortune of being one of the few consultants that has deployed AppV in production at multiple clients – (lucky them)
btw, many years of softgrid/appv before Catapult – (as Sean Mchugh from Dish can tell you)  training class in Chicago with one of the original Softgrid guys – years ago…
Prior to Catapult I worked at Dish Network as both a full timer and as a consultant – had some great times at Dish as they have some awesome technical resources their way.
Ive also worked full time at Disney, NBC, Coors, Northrop while going back and forth from consulting to fulltime.

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