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Service Stories: Getting Environments in Sync

If there’s one SharePoint environment or farm, there are usually several. Why? As part of the SDLC (Software Development Life-Cycle), configuration and code changes are deployed to and tested in non-Production environments before they are pushed to Production. This is a great process and can ensure that Production changes are effective, produce the desired results, and don’t unintentionally cause harm to the system. But this is only true if the environments match – not just build version, but also configurations like Search, BCS and Managed Metadata.

Environments don’t match? We’ll get them in sync.

We recently needed to do this for a financial organization because they were beginning a series of code releases (one per month) for their public-facing website. It was critical that the code changes and testing done in their three non-Production environments were valid.

Our Managed Services team wrote a PowerShell script to gather configuration data for each environment and compare it to see what the differences were. From there, we remediated any issues then re-ran the scripts to confirm the environments were in sync. This has enabled the successful deployment of more than 6 releases in the past 6 months.

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