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Service Stories: Collaboration leads to resolution

SharePoint is a portal, a collaboration platform, a communication tool, and many other things. It’s also an integration platform which allows other technologies, applications, data sources, etc., to work with SharePoint and deliver a comprehensive solution to companies and organizations. Sometimes, there are problems with that integration, however, so this service story focuses on how collaborating effectively can lead to a quicker resolution.

Let’s work together to solve the problem

We have a great client that uses InfoPath forms on their SharePoint intranet to enter and distribute important information about product issues. The InfoPath form is integrated with an external data source that houses their product information. This process normally works well but recently, the InfoPath form stopped pulling in the product data.

Why? In this case, the issue wasn’t due to SharePoint or even InfoPath – it was due to an external web service. Our Managed Services team was able to isolate the problem, recommend the solution and communicate that to the web service developer. A few hours later, the problem was resolved!

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