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70-667: Configuring Microsoft SharePoint 2010

All that studying paid off and I passed the 70-667 exam this morning.  I also have to thank my very supportive family and friends for putting up with me constantly reading or talking about SharePoint for the past few weeks. *smile*
For me, passing the exam isn’t just about getting the certification – it’s about setting a goal and working hard to reach it.  And since I really have grown to love SharePoint, my goal is to be an expert and to be able to share what I’ve learned.
How did I study?  I like to read so these are the 3 books I read in preparation: 


In addition, I followed the Microsoft learning plan for the exam which you can access at this link (you’ll need a Windows Live ID for this). 

I also had a sandbox environment to play with to try out what I was reading and learning.  The hands-on experience definitely added the most value in helping me learn the material and prepare for the test.

Good luck and happy SharePointing!


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