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This one is a little off-topic, although one of the reasons I love SharePoint so much is because it has the word "share" in it.  Of course, SharePoint is primarily about sharing information and content and documents. 
This is important, but what about sharing your time or resources with someone in need?  We all know someone who has a need – maybe it’s a neighbor, a family member or the homeless guy you see every day on the way to work.
In fact, that’s what inspired me to write this blog post.  A few days ago, a local news channel ran a story about a 5-year old girl who decided to give her extra blankets and teddy bears to homeless people.  Then she decided to encourage others to do the same.  So simple – she saw a need and realized she had something to share.
And she inspired me to stop and think about what I can share.
What can you give?  Do you have something you can share with someone in need?

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