Azure Webjob Schedule Deployment Error 409 Conflict

If you receive an Error 409 Conflict, when deploying a scheduled Webjob to Azure there are a few things you’ll want to check.

Pricing Tier

First, in the Azure Portal navigate to Schedule Job Collections, and check the Pricing Tier that your collection is using. If it is set to the Free tier, then you are limited to a max frequency of every hour. So, if you are attempting to create a job with a frequency of less than an hour, you will receive the Error 409. You need to be on the Standard tier or higher to create jobs that run using a minute interval less than one hour.


I recently discovered that after changing the Pricing tier from Free to Standard, my jobs still failed to deploy. Making the change does not automatically change the quotas on the Schedule Job Collection. To do this in the Azure Portal, navigate to Schedule Job Collections, select your collection, then check the Quotas blade for your max recurrence. This must be set to a value less than or equal to the frequency set in your scheduler configuration file.


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