Create SLA Specific Subscriptions in Service Manager

Often times you need to use different email templates for SLA notifications, or send notifications to different recipients. Unfortunately, with the way that Service Manager handles SLAs, this can be difficult to achieve. With all SLA beingmembers of the “Service Level Instance Time Information” class, how can you send different notifications for different work item types, or even for different SLAs? The answer is by using the Id of the Service Level Configuration.

The Id field in the Service Level Configuration is unique to the particular SLA and is listed as a related class when you create subscriptions using the “Service Level Instance Time Information” class. This allows you to create individual subscriptions for each SLA. The only tricky part can be finding the Id of the SLA, but one simple line of PowerShell can get that for you.

If you open PowerShell from your Service Console and enter the command below it will return all of your SLAs.

In my case I want to make a notification for the “IR Resolve” SLA, so I need to make note of its Id, which is show below to be SLAConfiguration_317f2a80-5418-4289-89cd-464581c96005.


Now all I need to do it create a subscription and in the Changed To criteria add the Service Level Configuration Id field and add the Id I returned from PowerShell.

sla2 sla3

And there you have it. This particular SLA can now have its own template and recipients.

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