Up your Azure Game with Azure Monitor

What is the number one concern I have heard from customers over the last year who have deployed Azure Services?  “We are not sure if we can tell what is going on in our Azure environment on a day to day basis”.

Azure customers are struggling to get a handle on the health of their cloud environment and services. Azure Monitor allows organizations to better understand their Azure environment using up-to-date data monitoring at their fingertips, providing visibility into Azure resource performance and service health.

monitor chart

Azure Monitor provides:

  •  Tools to analyze and diagnose operational issues
  •  Insight into key metrics for IT and operations teams
  •  Seamless integration allowing for additional resources and operating system
  • Flexibility so that your team can be proactive
  •  Increased uptime by sending automated alerts and notifications of critical issues

Just go to the Azure Portal and under all services find the Monitoring option.

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