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Thanks for joining. I am starting a video blog here to help Catapult stay current with Microsoft Teams updates, tips and tricks, and other topics centric to Teams. Essentially, teams are a collection of people, content, and tools, around either a specific workflow, business unit, a project or a job. Teams are designed to bring people together and work closely to get things done.1  Whether that be a dynamic project, an event that’s happening, perhaps a war-room for instance, Teams allows an opportunity to provide collaboration.


Our first topic: types of teams and their differences. There are two types; Private and Public. Teams can be organically organized by:

  • Private teams: only open to invited users
  • Public teams: open to anyone within the organization to join, with a limit of 2500 people.

Let’s take a look at private teams, and how to search and join public teams.All teams are organized by channels. A general channel is created, automatically when a team is created. These channels can be used to help effectively structure your conversations within a team.

Our Sales Support channel, for instance in the Catapult UC private team, is utilized to share, review, and collaborate on pre-sales estimates and Sow’s. Within each channel you have several tabs, conversations, files, wiki, etc. More tabs may be added with content necessary to the team, examples are a PowerBi dashboard, new team member onboarding information, bots, apps, connectors, the list is extensive, and more is added frequently.

Public teams are teams that are created for all users and easy to join. To join a public team mouse down to the bottom of the Teams list to the Join or create a team button and click.

This brings you to the Join or create a team interface in the right Teams pane, where you can either create a new team, public or private, or search for a public team to join. Public teams are all searchable here, Private teams are not. In fact, private teams are not searchable at all.

If the team you are looking for does not show in the tiles visible, mouse up to the search field in the top right of the join or create a team pane and type in the team name you are looking for, then click Join Team on the corresponding tile of the team. The team we are searching today is the public IC Communications and Collaboration team.

Click Join Team, this will add the Team and all its’ channels to your team list on the Teams favorite list. Participate in the new Team or watch for updates or news about the team to stay up-to-date.

The UC team has added the All Hands sales presentation in the general channel of the IC Communications and Collaboration Team, that was presented a couple of weeks ago on March 10. The link in the conversation will take you to the team files section of the genera channel. Here you will find more documents and tools free for all to utilize. Please go and add this channel to stay up to date with Microsoft Teams updates and news coming out, and more to come.

We will be going into more depth on several aspects of Teams in future episodes. Hope you found this helpful, and stay tuned right here for more on Teams.


Written by: Joe Williams
Edited by: Angela Franz
Footnote 1

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