Preparing for the transition from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 (Part 1 of 4)

One of the requirements for Exchange 2010 is to have your Exchange 2007 servers upgraded to SP2 first.

Download the update

Update rollup 2 for Exchange 2007 SP2
or check to see what the latest update is

Apply SP2 to the Exchange 2007 roles in this order:
1. CAS
2. UM
3. HT/Mailbox

Per SP2 release notes:
1. stop health service
2. stop or uninstall forefront for exchange

In my case, SP2 successfully installed on the CAS and UM roles but failed mid-way through on the Mailbox role. The problem was Update Rollup 2 for Exchange 2007 Sp2 was in the updates folder and setup would not proceed further until I removed it. At that point, setup could not proceed because it had failed mid-way through and the contents of the Exchange Server BIN directory had been deleted. The work-around was to launch setup from command-line which forced the upgrade:

setup /mode:upgrade

The high-level plan to transition from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 for Catapult Systems was the following:

1. install Exchange 2010 prerequisites, ex: www for cas
2. install the CAS role first.
3. Request a UC SAN Certificate (see part 2 of this series)
4. Transfer OWA, ActiveSync, Outlook anywhere traffic to new CAS
5. install hub/transport role
6. transfer inbound/outbound traffic through the new HT role
7. install mailbox server
8. move pilot mailboxes and test for a sufficient period of time.
9. move all remaining mailboxes
9. rehome the OAB generation server to 2010 server
10. delete private information stores in 2007
11. uninstall exchange 2007 servers


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