Content Distribution: The Myth

A quick post to dispel a common ConfigMgr myth about content distribution. The functionality in question is what happens when you change the source location of a package (or any content since they’re all technically packages on the back-end)? I’ve seen it stated multiple times by multiple folks that ConfigMgr will re-copy all of the files within that source location to your DP(s). This simply isn’t so (and never was even in ConfigMgr 2007). When you change the source location, ConfigMgr does indeed kick-off a DP update for that package incrementing its version in the process. But just like all package updates, it will perform a file-level differential replication.  This only copies the files that have changed which for a simple source location change means nothing will be copied (assuming the new source directory’s contents are identical to that of the original location). It does generate some network traffic and activity though because each and every file must be compared and the metadata about the package must also be transferred.

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