Getting license errors when using Office 365 Click to Run with Azure Remote App?

Today I had an interesting exchange with a Program Manager at Microsoft regarding Azure RemoteApp. There were some great nuggets in the back and forth about solving some of the issues and opportunities I’ve experienced with Azure RemoteApp that will be in a follow up blog, but for today I want to focus on installing Office 365. Previously, when I installed the click to run bits on my templates and published it out, users would encounter an error stating that the had the incorrect license and they needed a volume activation to run Office in what is essentially a VDI configuration. Turns out, there’s a simple fix. I had incorrectly assumed that it was RemoteApp process creating the issue and that a difference license for VDI was needed, not that I needed to adjust my Click to Run bits since it would be supporting multiple users. Install the click to run bits as normal then:

  1. Open RegEdit
  2. Navigate to: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\15.0\ClickToRun\Configuration
  3. Right click and add a new String
  4. Name the string value “SharedComputerLicensing” (without quotes)
  5. Double click on SharedComptuerLicensing and set the value to 1
  6. Complete the rest of your build as normal.


Thanks for the tip Eric!

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