How to update your Apple Push Network Certificate for Intune

Note: This post assumes you’re like most of my clients and no longer have your Push certificate request file. If you are on Windows, you will likely need both IE and Chrome as Chrome no longer supports Silverlight, but IE does not support Apple’s JSON uploader.


  1. Log into with your Intune administrator credentials
  2. Navigate to Admin > IOS > Upload an APNs Certificate
  3. Download the APNs Certificate Request, leaving this tab open
  4. Log into with your Apple Push Network credentials 
    (Use Chrome – Apple’s page is not IE friendly on the upload portion)
  5. Click Renew on the corresponding certificate for your Intune tenant
  6. Provide the CSR
  7. The certificate has been renewed.
  8. Download the certificate
  9. Return to the Intune APN Certificate section and click Upload the APNs Certificate
  10. A confirmation page will be displayed

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