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Unable to delete service application through Central Administration

Here’s an interesting one – At my current client, if I go through a favorite to the URL for Central Admin and try to delete a service app, I am presented with a grayed out delete icon in the ribbon.  Huh…even with the farm ID, nada. 

Turns out that this client has a Windows 2008 feature called “Administrator Approval” turned on:

“…a feature called Administrator Approval Mode, which runs your programs with standard user permissions by default, and prompts you if you start a program that requires administrator permissions—even if you are an administrator.”

What isn’t so obvious is that if you run Central Admin from a URL, or a bookmark, you will not be able to do certain tasks, such as deleting a service. When I right-clicked on the central admin icon on the server, and chose “Run as Administrator”, my delete icon was no longer grayed out. 

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