Content Query Web Part (CQWP) and Discussions Lists

There was a question recently in our group about how to filter a discussion so that it doesn’t have the “(blank)” replies to discussions in the CQWP results. It isn’t obvious how to do this in SP 2010, and filtering in the area below doesn’t allow for filtering of content types. 

Turns out, that the Discussion content type is actually of the FOLDER type.  Configure the CQWP like this:


This will get you discussions only, and the (blank) entries of the replies will disappear.  Then the question turned to “I can’t filter on my column that I created in the list. Yep, that’s true, you can’t, nor can you in any CQWP.  The column has to be a site column, and added to the content type you are using.  I tried inheriting the content type from the “Discussion” folder content type, creating my own, and adding the column.  The result was that you can do this, it works great in the CQWP, but breaks everything in the Discussion, lol.  The only alternative is to add the site column to the Discussion content type directly, which isn’t really recommended, but the only way to get this to happen without XSLT or other coding methods. 

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