OpsMgr 2012 SP1: Workaround – Fresh Install results in blank OperationsManagerDW Data and Log File Names (mdf and ldf)

I’m noticing this in every OpsMgr 2012 SP1 environment where there is a fresh new build and thought I’d give you all a heads up with a quick workaround.

This may be related to why you cannot deploy the DW to a non-default SQL Data and Log file location noted here:


In SQL Management Studio the File Name under DB\Properties\Files only shows mdf and ldf, no File Name. 

I also used Windows Explorer and found the same thing.  A blank file name…


  1. Backup all DB’s
  2. Stop OpsMgr Services to the DB instance
  3. Note the path of the OperationsManagerDW
  4. From SQL Server Management Studio, Detach the OperationsManagerDW
  5. Browse to the mdf and ldf via Windows Explorer
  6. Rename the files with the correct file names (OperationsManagerDW.mdf, OperationsManagerDW.ldf)
  7. From SQL Server Management Studio, Re-Attach the OperationsManagerDW
  8. Restart OpsMgr Services to the DB instance



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