OpsMgr 2012: How to setup the SharePoint 2010 OpsMgr WebPart

Enabling the SharePoint WebPart is an easy way to consume OpsMgr information into SharePoint.  This includes Dashboards, Alerts, State views and many other KPI’s.  I just thought I’d share a quick run thorough of the OpsMgr WebPart setup for SharePoint. I will post another how to on importing the web part you have created.

1. Copy the SHAREPOINT folder from the OpsMgr installation media



2. Run SharePoint Commandlet Run as Administrator:


3. Go to Central Admin, View all site content


4. View Lists


5. Select Operations Manager Web Console Environments:


6. Change the HostURi to the OpsMgr Console and you can now go to your site and “Insert the Operations Manager” Webpart!





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