OpsMgr 2012: How to Import or Update the Admin Task – System Center 2012 Monitoring Pack for SharePoint 2010

​The latest OpsMgr 2012 MP was released for SharePoint 2010.  This MP consists of the Administration Task that you run in order to kick off Discoveries and Monitor your SharePoint 2010 environment with OpsMgr 2012.

Note: This MP will not upgrade the revision to any task currently imported

If you installed the previous Administration Task from Microsoft Connect used for SCOM 2012, you will need to run through these steps to utilize the correct tasks.

The previous MP task can be downloaded from here:



  • You must have the SharePoint 2010 Management Pack Imported using the steps in the blog post above first, not the additional MP task.
    • IMPORTANT Do not import the Task contained within the zip file in the blog post noted above, instead use the latest MP task that can be downloaded from the link below.
The latest MP can be Downloaded from here:


1.      Read the MP documentation!
·        System Center 2012 Monitoring Pack for SharePoint 2010 Guide.docx
2.      Run the MSI
·        Microsoft.SharePoint.2010.SCOM2012.msi
3.      Go to the following location and ensure the Microsoft.SharePoint.2010.SCOM2012.mp exists:
·         C:\Program Files (x86)\System Center Management Packs\Microsoft.SharePoint.2010.SCOM2012
4.      Open the Operations Console, go to the Administration Node, then Right Click Management Packs and click Import Management Packs
5.      Browse to the location where the mp exists as noted above, and add the MP

6.      The latest task is a new version for import, click install


7.      After the task is imported, click Close


8.      Go to the Monitoring Node, then Expand SharePoint 2010 Products, then click Administration to see the Tasks on the right pane.


9.      Note that there are now two of the same tasks showing in the Tasks pane if you have the previous task imported

·        Configure SharePoint Management Pack (SCOM 2012)

10.   Going to the Management Packs, I see the following MP’s related to the tasks:

·        Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Management Pack Update for SCOM 2012
o  NEW Version =
·        Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Management Pack update for SCOM 2012
o  OLD Version = 6.0.6947.0
NOTE: The MP also contains a Task that should be used with SCOM 2007 (R2) only and is not for use with OpsMgr 2012.
 11.   You should remove the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Management Pack update for SCOM 2012 version 6.0.6947.0 for consistency if you have both tasks (new and old) imported.

12. Run the Administration Task as necessary.




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