OpsMgr 2012: Alert Update Connector Release

​The Alert Update Connector was released at the end of last week.  With this connector, you can modify alert fields with additional information.  This will help to help control alert flow going to incident management systems.

Download the OpsMgr 2012 Alert Update Connector Here:

Feature Summary:
•Specify custom field values, owner, and ticket id for alerts generated by monitors
•Override custom field values, owner, and ticket id for alerts generated by rules

There are 4 Components contained for the Connector Framework:
•AlertUpdateConnector.exe – The Connector Service which is used to receive alerts from OpsMgr then modify the alert as necessary.
•ConnectorConfiguration.exe – The Connector application GUI that used in configuration of the connector.
•AlertUpdateConnector.exe.config – This Configuration file used to identify alerts, the Management server name, and the frequency that the connector checks for new alerts.
•ConnectorConfiguration.xml – The Configuration file which contains information about which alerts should be modified by the connector.

•The connector is preferred to be installed on a computer that is an OpsMgr Management Server.
•The connector service is preferred to be run under an account that is a member of the OpsMgr Administrator User Role.

Read Kevin’s blog here to see the installation flow:


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