How to reset AMT/vPro chip for Dell e4310, e6410 laptops and Dell 980

I’m working with configuring vPro at a client’s site and for some reason the password I set wasn’t working. So I reset the password and tested it again and everything worked as plan. Now, I have 5 laptops I need to reset the AMT chip on. I searched the web until I found the the page that stated, “your at the end of the internet” and that just made me sad. I figured, hey!, I’ll call Dell support. Well, I did that and they only option they came back with was to replace the motherboard. I thought to myself, “Yea Right!”. I could just imagine thousands of laptops getting the motherboard replaced because of a corrupted AMT configuration. Well, it was a funny thought at least. Since I was working with Dell Engineering on different problem, I sent over the question to see if “maybe” they would answer it. Well, they told me to remove the BIOS battery. hmmm…what a thought. But where is the BIOS Battery on these new laptops? I remember in the old day’s you could actually see the battery just like you do now in the desktops. hmmm…here I search again and found the answer. I’m writing this, because first, I don’t want to loose this answer and second, I figured someone out there is looking for the same thing.


For both, you will remove the Coin Battery. I left it out for 5 minutes and everything was reset.

Dell e4310
Removing the Coin-cell Battery

Dell e6410
Removing the Coin-cell Battery

Dell 980 
Removing the Coin-cell Battery

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