AppV Error 0000c800


While installing AppV at a customer, we ran into a serious problem causing time to be eaten up. Every time we tried to connect to the AppV database through the AppV management console, we received the error “0000c800”. After reviewing logs from various places, it seemed there was an authentication issue. Most of the URL’s we came across on the internet and Technet kept directing us to KB articles 930470 and 930565. After calling my coworker Michael Vrabel, he stated he had the same problem and told me how to resolve it. His solution worked perfect. I’m posting the lessened learned to hopefully assist fellow techies out there who are running across the same problem.

Follow this process after you have installed all other AppV components with success and your trying to connect to the Database through the AppV Management Console while receiving an error code of “0000c800”


  1. Uninstall .NET
  2. Uninstall IIS
  3. Reboot
  4. Install IIS
  5. Install .NET
  6. Reboot
  7. Start AppV Management Console and connect to the Database.


Even though the KB articles 930470 and 930565 wasn’t able to assist us, I would still highly recommend reviewing those articles to verify all of your settings and components are configured.



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  2. Richard van den Aarssen April 10, 2010
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