Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive

There is a tool we like to use for Office 365 Migrations from BitTitan called Migration Wiz. Customers usually purchase it for the workload of moving their company Gmail to Office 365, but it also handles the workloads of moving documents from Google Drives to SharePoint and One Drive.

I engaged their Premium Support today for an issue I was having – trying to migrate a folder inside a user’s Google Drive to that user’s OneDrive.

I had followed the instructions in their community article, and on-screen help, but they were not quite right. When you want to filter a folder you are moving from a user’s Google Drive, you need to include the path “My Drive” in your Regex filtering. In my case, I wanted to move everything from a folder called 365, so my filter needed to be ^(?!My Drive/365) instead of just ^(?!365).

Also important is that you remember to customize your project in Advanced Options for the following settings:

RemoveExistingPermissionsWhenUnspecified=1 (required)
ShrinkFoldersMaxLength=200 (optional, but recommended)
DocumentBrowsingMode=Moderate (optional, but recommended) Note: Advanced Option flags are case-sensitive. Be sure to enter Moderate with a capital “M”.
RenameConflictingFiles=1 (optional, but recommended).

Kudos to the Premier Support Team, I highly recommend engaging them when you run into issues.

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