SharePoint 2013 Query Builder Error

In SharePoint 2013 On Premise, I was having some trouble with my search service.  Initially, I was unable to crawl a site so I recreated my Search Service Application.

I fixed the crawl issue, but then we could no longer launch Query Builder from the site collection.

​Error:  Not able to connect to search service to retrieve valid settings



I found some good blog posts, which all pointed in the direction of permissions, but after auditing the permissions on my farm, I found no permissions issues.

I tried launching the Query Builder via Central Administration and was unsucessful there as well, but I found that my problem was that although I had reassociated my new Search Service with my web applications by using Configure Service Application Associations, I had missed Central Admin.  When I reassociated the Search Service with Central Admin, the Query Builder was back and we were able to successfully create a result source.

For instructions – see Technet – Add or Remove Service Application Connections – and don’t forget Central Admin!


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