New Hyper-V Features with Windows Server 2012

The name Windows Server 2012 is now officially two days old. And with the new name comes a load of new enhancements. Here are some of the following new Hyper-V features brought forth in an MMS presentation this week:

  • Clusters
    • 32 nodes
    • 4000 VMs
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Massive live migration (can migrate 60-70 machines at same time utilizing 20Gbps connection)
  • Clusters with SMB storage
    • Sharing SMB storage for VMs (performance is comparable to iSCSI and is meant for moderate workloads and lab systems)
    • Very useful for VDI
  • Cluster aware updating
  • Can roll back and forth between server core and full server with a cmdlet
  • 160 processors per host
  • 2TB memory per host
  • 32 virtual processors per virtual machine
  • 1TB RAM per virtual machine
  • Live snapshot merging; no longer a need to shut down virtual machine for snapshot files to merge
  • Data de-duplication support for virtual machines
  • No longer a need to export a virtual machine; you can now import a virtual machine without an export configuration file
  • Hyper-V Replica can be used for site-to-site replication of virtual machines; it is disaster recovery solution and not a high availability solution
  • Hyper-V supports out-of-the-box NIC teaming (LBFO); NICs can be vendor independent
  • Bandwidth controls
  • vSwitch:
  • Consistent device naming allows to have hardware vendor tag the NIC so that physical port lines up with the port reported by the OS
  • SR-IOV: for networks that require no latency, cannot be used with nic teaming
  • Virtual Machine Queue

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