Is It Me? – The pain of bad UX

As Bill Hicks, the late, great, Texas comedian used to often say “Is it me…?”. We all get upset about something, but as UX practitioner, I think the things that really get my goat are sometimes different than the things that work others up into a lather, a couple of my pet peeves…..

  1. Why oh why don’t credit cards swipe in 1 or 2 consistent ways? At the supermarket the other day I paid at the register, picked up a prescription, and bought gas. All three endeavors required very different efforts to make essentially the same kind of credit card payment, combinations containing nonsense like “remove card quickly” how quickly? …..was that quickly enough?? Then punch in the zip code, neglecting to tell me to press enter after the 5 digit code.
  2. I know all kinds of research goes into the pre-production of a family car size SUV. Admittedly this was fixed by the newer Suburu models like mine, but how dumb do you have to be to put the drink holder directly in front of the heating/cooling vent? Cars like the Pontiac Aztek obviously had a couple of design flaws,,28804,1658545_1658544_1658540,00.html We expect something better from the interior of an otherwise very sensible car.
  3. Last but not least. How boneheaded is this, (admittedly now rapidly disappearing) entry into the web-marketing arena; Why would you want green screened video that at a stroke; obscures text both literally and figuratively, dilutes the marketing message and just plain annoys to no end by the second or third viewing…..…..Is it me???

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