Skype for Business (April 2015) Windows Update Didn’t Work

When Microsoft released Skype for Business (SfB) through Windows Update (April 2015), I installed it on my home computer and was immediately able to connect to my work Lync environment.  When I tried to install it on my work notebook it appears to have installed, but I never got the SfB User Interface.  I did some searches and immediately found some hacks to make the Skype for Business UI work if your company has a client policy in place to limit the use of the SfB UI.   I was already part of the proper client policy to use the SfB UI, so that shouldn’t be it.  It didn’t make sense why I was not seeing it, but I tried the regkey anyway.  No Luck.

It seemed like the update did not install properly.  After comparing the updates that were installed, it appears that only the Lync Help Loc update (KB 2889853) was installed.



I finally found this update.

Once I installed this patch, the SfB UI appeared.



There are also quite a few prerequisites listed for the patches.  Pay attention that those are installed as well.


BTW… Have I mentioned my dislike for the Skype for Business name and requisite abbreviations (e.g. SfB, S4B, etc.).  Winking smile

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