How to federate an Office 365 Lync Online domain with Lync On-Premise

Recently a Lync customer was having issues joining a Lync meeting set up by another organization.  This wasn’t an environment I built from scratch, but rather I took over a pilot that had grown out of control.  After some research I realized that the meeting was set up by a user hosted on Office 365-Lync Online.  When the environment was installed Office 365 wasn’t around, so they had not set up the Hosted Provider.  This is required, similar to AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!, when federating with a domain hosted on Office 365.

Here is how to configure this.

  1. Open Lync Server Control Panel and navigate to External User Access.  Then click on the Provider tab.
  2. You can set this up in the Control Panel or through PowerShell.
    New-CSHostingProvider -identity LyncOnline -ProxyFqdn -Enabled $True
  3. Once you’ve create the Hosted Provider through PowerShell, you will see it appear in the Control Panel.
  4. You can open the Hosted Provider to see the settings.

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