David Broussard
David is a Managing Consultant for Catapult Systems and blogs about SharePoint architecture.
Apr 072015
​I got an article sent to me today.  It was in The Economist and it was about Microsoft entering Middle Age. An interesting read that takes a long hard look at Microsoft, where it came from, and how the new CEO Mr Nadella is reshaping the company to ...[Read more]

Oct 312013
Second in a series, read the first entry here. The Big Reveal is dead…long live, the Little Reveal As I talked about in my first post in the series, most Intranet projects focus on a Big Reveal where the project works towards completion and has ...[Read more]

Oct 252013
I have been consulting with companies about how to build SharePoint Intranet sites for almost a decade now, and the conversation usually goes something like this: Customer: I want to build an intranet because my people need to accomplish some spec ...[Read more]

Jun 192013
​I was working with a client today trying to talk about the Distributed Cache in SharePoint 2013 and I found this great article by Sean McDonough (spmcdonough). http://blog.idera.com/sharepoint/the-five-minute-cheat-sheet-on-sharepoint-2013s-distr ...[Read more]

Jun 182013
​One of the new features of SharePoint 2013 is improved Social features.  The activity feed is significantly improved and integrated with hash tags to make it easier to see content from people that you are not following.  The ability to follow a ...[Read more]

Jun 052013
Recently on my Windows 8 machine I have been getting a very strange error. The machine requests a User Account Control promotion for Networks and lists the publisher as Unknown and then gives you a Class ID of {E5A040E9-1097-4D24-B89E-#c730036D615 ...[Read more]

May 092013
Setting up a new Office Web Apps Server 2013 farm we ran into an odd error that was the result of a bad configuration setting on the farm. Since the load balanced DNS was not yet configured we decided to setup a single server as if it was a test en ...[Read more]

May 022013
Doing some research ​into SharePoint 2013 Topologies for a client and I ran across these two Microsoft documents that lay everything out including how to span the virtual machines across your hosts.  Great resources to say the least.  First the Trad ...[Read more]

Apr 012013
So, as part of my journey to update my HTC Titan to Windows Phone 7.8 I downloaded the Seven-Eighter app. IT required another toolkit to be installed that pushed firmware to your phone. One of the two was in a RAR format and I didn't have a RAR extr ...[Read more]

Mar 282013
I have loved my HTC Titan ever since I got it in November of 2011. I love the 4.7" screen which is easy on my eyes (growing old is for the birds). Switching from an iPhone 3Gs, Windows Phone 7.5 was a wonderful breath of fresh air. Yes, there a ...[Read more]

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