The Governance Dilema

Governing the Cloud

Governance has been a SharePoint topic for as long as SharePoint has existed. It tends to fall on a spectrum that runs the gamut from what I call “Peace, Love, and SharePoint” to the “Iron Gauntlet” of control.

The Governance Dilema

Peace, Love and SharePoint, versus the Iron Gauntlet of Control

As we move to O365, the need for governance doesn’t decrease, though some areas of traditional governance are assumed by Microsoft (backups, patching, updates, etc). In fact, Governance is arguably more critical than before.

In our latest Cloud Whisperers podcast Episode 4 – O365 Governance or O3-6-5 Governance Brian and I tackle this topic. What is Governance? What tools done have? What is critical to successful Governance? We answer all of that, and tackle the thorny question…is it Oh Three Sixty Five, or Oh Three Six Five

I hope you enjoy it.

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