Office 365 Bootcamp – Teams

Team is one of the newest offerings in the Office 365 suite and it builds upon the O365 Groups.  In this episode we will take a dive into the Teams functionality and interface and talk about some ways that it can be used in your organization.  In the end, Teams is part of the Ad Hoc Collaboration offering by Microsoft and it allows users to quickly and easily form up groups and have discussions on any topic that they want.

The format of the conversation is a “persistent chat” that is similar to Skype for Business but is saved in “channels” within each team.  The advantage to this form of communication is that people who come late to the conversations will still see all of the past conversations in the channel and be able to gain valuable context from it.

The other important thing to remember about Teams is that behind the persistent chat interface, there is an entire Office 365 Group with file storage, OneNote, Planner, email conversation, and a calendar that can be used to extend the functionality of the team conversation.

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