Setting up your blog to alert you when someone comments

One of the great features of blogs is that we can get comments on our wonderful prose.  However, by default, SharePoint blogs don’t let you know if a comment was made on your blog, and the CKS EBE does not remedy this issue.  Obviously the solution is a feature that is stapled to the CKS EBE that either automatically subscribes the contributors to the blog to an alert on the comments list, or uses an event handler to notify them via e-mail.  The event handler is likely the better solution because then you could allow it to notify the author of the post only, and then also anyone who has commented on the post (a la Facebook).  But, that is for another day.  How about a quick and simple way of doing it? 


The answer there is to create an alert for yourself on the Comments list.  Here is how you do it:

Step 1 – Click on Manage Comments

This assumes that you are authenticated already BTW



Step 2 – Set up the Alert

First you click on the Actions menu and select Alert Me



Next you will have a page that allows you to set the a number of settings for the alert…

Alert Title: Default is “Comments”, I recommend changing it to “Blog Comments” or similar since SharePoint lets you manage all of your Alerts in one place, it’s a good idea to have a descriptive name
Send Alerts To: The users you want to send the alert to.  As a note, you can add anyone here so use this with caution.
Change Type:
  • Your Options are
  • All Changes
    New Items are Added
  • Existing Items are Modified
  • Items are Deleted


The default is All Changes, but you can likely go with New Items are Added.

Send Alerts for These Changes:
  • Once again a set of options:
  • Anything Changes
  • Someone else changes an item
  • Someone else changes an item created by me
  • Someone else changes an item last modified by me
  • Someone changes and item that appears in the following view


The default is Anything Changes and that is likely the best

When to Send Alerts
  • Lastly you get to choose when you are notified of the comments:

    Send E-mail immediately

  • Send Daily summary
  • Send Weekly summary


Your choice on this one.  I like immediate notification of comments so I can respond quickly, but you can schedule them for a specific day of the week and time if that works for you.


And that, in two easy steps is how to be notified when anyone comments on your blog.


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