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Virtual Box CPU Fix

I got hooked on Sun’s Virtual Box (now owned by Oracle) over a year ago.  I was unimpressed by Windows 7 Virtualization when it failed to deliver on 64 bit virtualization and as great as Hyper-V is…it really isn’t a great laptop OS.


I have run into two problems.  One was whenever I got a hold of a Hyper-V machine, I had to change the drive from SATA to IDE (it just kept rebooting).  The other problem was much more problematic.  My SharePoint 2010 VMs ran terribly slow.  In fact it was essentially unusable the majority of the time.  The really odd aspect was the more resources I gave to the VM, the worse it would perform.  2VPUs and 4-6GB of RAM seemed to work the best.


One of my co-workers Robert Nellis found a fix here (http://www.dotnetmafia.com/blogs/dotnettipoftheday/archive/2010/09/22/fix-high-guest-cpu-utilization-in-virtualbox-by-disabling-nested-paging.aspx) that described that the issue had to do with Enabling Nested Paging (a new feature to the i& and other similar processors).  It is supposed to greatly enhance performance of the Guest OS, but unfortunately in the case of SharePoint 2010 VMs created in Hyper-V…it had the opposite effect.

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