Improving Your Image: Sector-Based, File-Based, and Sysprep – What Makes the Most Sense? Part 3: Deploy-time Build Automation and Recommendations

Jeremy Chapman has created the third blog in a series on the benefits of using package based imaging tools.

Read the third post here.

“This is the third and final blog in the series . In the last blog, The Pros and Cons, I covered the main benefits and underlying drawbacks of file-based and sector-based core images. I intentionally stuck to core image files (the .WIM, .V2I, .GHO, .TIB, .VHD, etc. files themselves) and purposely left out the automation needed to tailor installations at install-time using automation. The automation will actually play a role into the overall recommendations of what type of image to use – file or sector-based. I would argue that thin, file-based images would make a lot less sense if the automation wasn’t there to support the additional functions.”

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