ConfigMgr Chassis Type Global Condition / Requirement

Working with a customer recently we wanted to deploy a ConfigMgr Application to all all laptops in the organization without creating a new collection of just laptops.  Using the ChassisTypes property of the Win32_SystemEnclosure WMI namespace is a great way to do this; however, it can get a bit complicated, especially when there is non-normalized data in the inventory.  An example would be a wrongly coded ChassisType.

Additionally, if you want to target only desktops and exclude virtual computers the details can get tricky if you have a diverse environment.

The script Get-ChassisTypeName.vbs (no, it isn’t PowerShell… gasp!) will return IsLaptop, IsDesktop, IsServer, and IsVirtual based on the ChassisType and an array of computer model names.  For example, every Dell OptiPlex is a desktop, regardless of what the ChassisTypes  property returns.  Determining IsVirtual in ConfigMgr is tricky because of some underlying issues.  This script removes the confusion and gets the job done.

I recommend reading Brandon Linton’s ConfigMgr 2012 Chassis Type Global Condition blog for implementing this as a ConfigMgr Global Condition.

Global Conditions don’t work in a Task Sequence, but it would be trivial to add code to populate a custom TSVariable with the result.  You can rely on the source script from MDT if your TS is MDT integrated, but it doesn’t handle the edge cases and it’s a ton of overhead just to determine the Chassis Type.

Grab the script from GitHub.


IsLaptop, IsDesktop, IsServer, and IsVirtual


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